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Linda Sparrowe

Yoga wakes us up and shows us what it means to be fully alive, truly present, and deeply connected. It gives us the discipline, tenderness, and acceptance we need to make friends with every aspect of ourselves including the parts we might not love so much, and to embrace the power we have to enact change through kindness and compassion.


The former editor of Yoga International and Yoga Journal magazine she has been teaching, talking and writing about yoga for more than 20 years. Certified at the 500-hour level through OM Yoga in New York City, she leads the Courageous Women, Fearless Living retreats at Shambhala Mountain Center for women touched by cancer.


She honors the many teachers who have had a profound influence on her life and her teaching including Cyndi Lee, Sarah Powers, Patricia Walden, Sharon Gannon, Vanda Scaravelli, and Stephen Cope. Featured as a leading expert on yoga in the film YogaWoman, Linda is the author of several books, including A Woman’s Book of Yoga and Health, and Yoga: A Yoga Journal Book.

Divya Epstein-Lubow

Divya says, "The essence of yoga is a joyful expansion of our best selves through the vehicle of the physical body. It is a given that we all face challenges. Yoga helps us meet the challenges by practicing being n this moment with wisdom and compassion."
Divya's joy of being in the body and her honesty permeate her teaching.
She has been teaching yoga since 1988. Her initial training was in Kripalu Yoga. In recent years, her main inspirations have been Sara Powers' Insight Yoga, Vipassanna meditation, Anusaura yoga, and Iyengar yoga.
Diyva Epstein-Lubow holds a Masters Degree in Dance Education from New York University.

Barbara Morrissey

Barbara, RYT 500 brings over ten years of teaching experience from Philadelphia, PA to Breathing Time Yoga. She is formally trained in many styles including Hatha, Tantra, Restorative, Yin, Ashtanga and Ayurveda. She also studied yoga directly in Rishikesh, India. Having recently relocated to Rhode Island, she is excited to share her sense of adventure and new beginnings in all levels yoga classes.

Christy Chase

"The essence of yoga is capturing a moment in the day when my mind, body and breath have a chance to teach each other how to be strong, how to relax, how to transform from the mundane to the universally conscious."
As a busy mother of two adolescent boys, and a elementary school teacher, Christy cherishes those moments, and delights in teaching others the transformative power of yoga.

After 19 years practicing yoga and many years of study, Christy, has successfully attained the title of Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher. Perhaps the most intensive yoga teacher training in the US, becoming a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher requires years of practice, study and a rigorous examination of skills.


Darlene D'Arezzo

For Darlene the essence of yoga is relationship - inter and intra personal attunement. Darlene encourages consideration, connection, conversation, and community. You might find Darlene and students sharing favorite recipes, quotes, and books in class.
Darlene, voted "Best Kids' Yoga Teacher", by LA Weekly, is founder and director of Kids’ Yoga Circle. She is a frequently sought after subject expert, educator, and writer as well as a pioneer in the field of yoga for children with special needs and mental health issues. Through Kids' Yoga Circle, Darlene conducts kids’ classes and workshops, family retreats, and teacher trainings worldwide. Kids' Yoga Circle's Reach Out Program has been implemented in schools, youth centers, and children's hospitals.
As a former contributing editor and writer for Yogi Times magazine, Darlene has written more than a dozen "Kids on the Mat" columns on such topics as yoga and ADHD, childhood obesity, and childhood sleep disorders.
Darlene began teaching in 1999 in some of the Los Angeles area’s most celebrated yoga studios. Darlene currently teaches in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya, having studied with Krishnamacharya's grandson and with Gary Kraftsow and the American Viniyoga Institute. Darlene also studied with Mr. Iyengar in Pune, India.
Darlene is a Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts with a master’s degree in holistic counseling. She is available for counseling and psychotherapy sessions, as well as private yoga instruction, at Breathing Time Yoga.

Karen Lee

Yoga is the experience of being in this moment, right now, fully inhabiting this body-mind, creating a state of clarity from which we can act with authenticity, or at least have a moment before impulsive reactions set in. Cultivating presence we relax about getting it or not getting it and surrender to the moment as it is.


As owner of Breathing Time Yoga, Karen is dedicated to creating a community and space for healing through yoga. Karen is an educator, teaching the students what they need to know to practice and how to match the practices to their unique needs and interests.


Karen has been studying Viniyoga since 1994 with Gary Kraftsow of the American Viniyoga Institute (AVI). She is an AVI Yoga Teacher (500-hr) and AVI Certified Yoga Therapist. Karen also holds an MAT from RISD.

Kate Kataja

Strength. Balance. Perspective. Kindness. A shared experience. A grounding. Flight, physically and metaphorically. For me, at its core, yoga is a way to get out of my head and into the universe. Yoga is, simply, showing up for yourself."

Kate was first introduced to yoga through acting classes in college, and has been practicing for over a decade. She received her RYT-200 in 2013 through the American Viniyoga Institute and is registered with both AVI and the Yoga Alliance. She has also studied yin yoga and meditation with Josh Summers and chakra vinyasa with Coral Brown.

She aims to share the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits she has received from a deep and consistent practice with her students, helping them to find their own mind-body connection and move toward balance and body acceptance. Her style of teaching is challenging, energizing, creative, and rooted in the belief of individualizing asana to the practitioner.

Outside of yoga, Kate is a theater director, dramaturg, and creative producer, working as the artistic associate for The Wilbury Theatre Group, and in the development office at Trinity Repertory Company, where she also teaches yoga at the Young Actors Summer Institute. Kate loves spin class, weight training, and yoga on the beach. She lives in Providence with her two fantastic fur babies.

Jenny Little

Jenny Little (E-RYT 200, RYT 500, MS) believes yoga offers an opportunity to experience profound freedom and profound integration- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and her primary intention in teaching yoga is to assist students toward self-discovery and healing. Jenny weaves her knowledge and appreciation of anatomy with various yoga asana techniques and with yogic philosophy to provide a holistic approach to yoga and to assist students in uprooting core beliefs and habits that are affecting their ability to thrive. She teaches from the heart with authenticity, humor and kindness.

Jenny began a daily practice of yoga in 2002 and began teaching in 2013. She received her 200 RYT certification in 2013 with 8 Limbs Yoga Centers in Seattle, WA; earned her 300 RYT certification in 2016 with Theresa Murphy in Providence, RI and completed her PYT Certification with Prenatal Yoga Center located in New York City. Jenny has been fortunate to learn from, and continue to learn from, many experienced and practiced teachers and in particular, expresses deep gratitude to Anne Phyfe Palmer, Melina Meza, Jenny Hayo, Theresa Murphy, as well as her children Lucy and Theo.

Jenny currently teaches group classes, individuals, and specialty workshops in the New England area. See jennylittleyoga.com for more info!

Katie Lieberman

Katie expresses the heart of yoga this way, "The essence of yoga is clear vision - from the first moment we step on the mat our notion of who we are and what we want begins to change. The pleasantries of flexibility and relaxation are only a taste of what's to come. We find ourselves on a path that dissolves the ideals of life and reveals the spectacular reality of the present moment."
Katie has been teaching yoga in the Viniyoga approach for 20 years. She is a licensed esthetician with advanced certification in aromatherapy. 

Joan Corey

"The essence of yoga is moving away from outside distraction, toward an inner awareness of our complete being, peeling away the layers of conditioned thinking and behaviors; living in the present moment" 
Joan received her certificate in Integrative Yoga with Ellen Schaeffer in 2007. She was recently invited to be on the teaching staff for the 2014 Integrative Yoga Teacher Training and is very excited to share her knowledge of Yoga to future teachers. Prior to teaching yoga Joan was a fitness instructor for over 20 years, with a BS in physical education from URI. She has taught physical education at Saint Augustine School for 13 years.

The opportunity to teach at Breathing Time Yoga feels like “coming home” as Joan grew up less than 1 mile from the studio. She currently resides in the beautiful town of Foster.


A substitute teacher will be assigned to this class. When they are assigned, their name will appear!

April Smith

April whole-heartedly embraces yoga as a transformative path to awaken to our best selves and live fully with joy, intention and compassion.
Her yoga journey and deep appreciation for the practice began in 1992 as a student at YogaWorks in Santa Monica, CA, where she was inspired by the studio’s innovative and now celebrated teachers, including Shiva Rea, Erich Schiffmann, Bryan Kest and Seane Corn. April’s yoga journey connected her in 1997 with master teacher Sara Powers and the integration of Vinyasa flow with slower, deeper styles of yoga and meditation.

April has taught Vinyasa and Yin yoga in New England since 1998. She completed her yoga teacher training with Sarah Powers in 2012 and completed her 200 hour Vinyasa YTT certification at Eyes of the World Yoga in Providence in 2015.
April’s precise but playful teaching style blends Vinyasa sequences, long-held “yin” postures, core strengthening, and meditation to create a dynamic and balanced yoga practice. Mindfulness techniques weave through practice to deepen relaxation and spark self-inquiry on and off the mat.

Mimi Budnick

Drawing from over 15 years of work as a community organizing and an adult educator, Mimi is able to connect with her students where they are at and to create an environment that feels open and welcoming. She been practicing yoga for over a decade, and received her Vinyasa teacher certification in 2010 from Tom Gillette at Eyes of the World. Since then Mimi has taught in a variety of settings including studios, medical clinics, homeless shelters, drug rehab facilities, and schools.
Prompted by an urge to more explicitly help people use yoga as a tool for healing, from both physical and emotional injuries, Mimi recently received her certification in Therapeutic Yoga from Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal and has studied Restorative Yoga with Jillian Pransky. Additionally she has participated in workshops about yoga’s benefits for dealing with depression/anxiety and PTSD with Bo Forbes, Bessel van der Kolk, and Dana Moore.
Whether leading more challenging classes for experienced yogis, or teaching classes to complete beginners and populations with limited mobility and significant physical/emotional challenges, Mimi likes to remind her students that yoga is about more than the physical postures- that the asana are a vehicle to help bring about a more unified state of consciousness and that the real work of yoga takes place off the mat. Mimi’s aim is to guide people through an experience on their yoga mat that creates space in her students’ lives to connect in deeper and more meaningful ways with themselves, their community, and the world around them.

Erik Strzempko

Playfully exploring our fluid energy; fully inhabiting our physical body; surrendering to our unbroken connection to one another, the environment, and the universe; and curiously wandering down the path toward our true nature is the essence of Yoga to Erik.
He credits Yoga as a fundamental part of his own emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. He brings to class the desire to help guide others on their own personal journeys toward holistic wellness.
Erik holds a BA in Sustainable Business with a concentration in holistic health and nutrition from UMASS Amherst. He received his RYT-200 training at Viniyoga New England, his RYT-500 through Shiva Rea Affiliate – Prana Flow with Coral Brown, and is registered with Yoga Alliance. He has studied Yin Yoga, with Josh Summers; Thai Yoga Bodywork, with Ed Cardinal; and Restorative Yoga, with Jillian Pransky.

Shervin Dadkhakhipoor

My name is Shervin Dadkhahipoor and it is my pleasure to be apart of the wonderful staff at Breathing Time Yoga! I am a certified Prana-Vayu Yoga Instructor and a USPTA certified tennis pro with a special emphasis on power, form and meditation both on the mat and on the court.
I believe that the absolute stillness that comes with meditation is the source of our power. Whether you are sitting cross-legged or staring at a tennis ball, with inner stillness we draw our power.
The kayaker does not practice form in great powerful waves. The kayaker practices form on the ground even before he takes to the water; he practices his stroke with his mind and with his heart; in turn his mind does not have fear or panic when the big powerful waves come. In turn he is free.
Form is our recipe for life. Deep in the mysteries of life have I traveled, seeking and searching for that which is hidden. The right form, the right frame of reference, the right structure of thought. I consider my yoga classes to be a show and tell of what I have learned.
  • Tennis is a practice of just like life. We must finish our hard practiced form within the time-limit of the ball.

  • Yoga is a practice to of form in your mental, spiritual and physical life through the connection of your breath, movement, thoughts and actions.

With well versed form, comes freedom. With stillness comes power.

Liz Butler

Liz believes that yoga can positively affect the wellbeing of any person open to the experience, and as a teacher is committed to meeting her students where they are.
She strives to provide a non-competitive space for students of all levels to discover, explore, and grow their yoga practice. Her sequences are designed to spark courage, curiosity and kindness, while honoring the sense of vast interconnection and peace that yoga opens up within us.
Liz has been a dedicated yoga practitioner since 2003. She received her 200 hour certification in vinyasa yoga in 2009 with Tom Gillette and trained in prenatal yoga with Jacci Reynolds in 2010. She is currently pursuing her 500 hour certification with Theresa Murphy.

Kim Daniels

Kim took her first ever yoga class as a stressed out college student, and left the studio wanting to skip through the streets of Boston. Since then, she has discovered what she loves about yoga - the ability to get into the body and out of the mind.

Kim became a yoga teacher in order to inspire people to find their inner yogi, whether they are practicing asana in the studio or practicing pranayama during rush hour traffic. On and off the mat, she relishes seeing people progress at their own pace as they continue to practice. She absolutely loves that yoga offers her students the ability to meet their bodies wherever they happen to be that day.

Kim completed her 200-hour teacher training at Health Yoga Life in Boston, MA. Both her teachers and students constantly inspire her. She is continually learning more about the practice of yoga, and is eternally grateful that people choose to share their practice with her. She can be reached at www.heretonamaste.com.

Charlotte Love Lombardi

Charlotte Love Lombardi is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island, is a University of Rhode Island Master Gardner and hold a certificate of completion from Salve Regina University as an Expressive Arts Facilitator. She is a perennial student of Yoga and is RYT500.
Flow yoga, in which movement is synchronized to the breath, is a dance of two partners: the slow deep rhythm of the breath and the movement of the body. The breath sets the pace of the movement as you to flow from one pose to the next in time with an inhale or an exhale in a meditative exploration. This style is sometimes called vinyasa yoga.
This all levels class welcomes all students who enjoy a moderate challenge and are looking for something a bit deeper. However the teacher will suggest adaptations so that the class can meet you were you are.

Breathing Time Yoga is a community where people are nourished physically and spiritually.

We offer yoga as affordable health care, with a diversity of classes for a diversity of individuals.

We teach yoga as a path to equanimity and grace.

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