Joy Quinn Blum and Shawn Aceto

Joy Quinn Blum and Shawn Aceto instructs the following:
  • Gong Bath: Heal in the Sound of Joy
  • What does relaxation sound like? Discover the soothing, meditative tones of the gong. Experience sound healing through bronze gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, drums, rattles, and other vibrational instruments. No mere musical performance, the gong bath tunes the mind, body, and spirit as it guides you to a deeper state of consciousness. Rest in savasana (reclining) as you receive waves of sound, from Gong Master Joy Quinn Blum and Crystal Bowl Master Shawn Aceto, that connect you to your true nature - the sacred Self.
    Benefits of Sound Healing:
    • Reduced Stress and Anxiety
    • Elevated Mood
    • Balanced Energy
    • Enhanced Compassion
    • Expanded Consciousness
    • Harmonized Self-Healing

    The focus of this sound session will be to clear, energize, and balance the chakra system with the deep resonance of the gongs. Come suspend your worries and allow your mind to float freely into new possibilities of clarity, inspiration, and creativity.

    Advanced Registration Recommended:
    Cost: $20 When purchased in advance; $25 at the Door


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