Nicole Mathis

Nicole has been a dedicated educator in the city of Providence for 22 years and currently serves as Principal at Mt Pleasant High School. During a high stress time in her life working full time, commuting to Boston on a daily basis, and finishing her Ph. D. in Education Policy, Nicole began to practice yoga as a way to relieve stress and restore emotional balance to her life. Nicole points to yoga as one of the pivotal leverages of change that helped transform her physical health and ushered in a more restorative peaceful lifestyle.
Her goal is to share yoga with students of color in the city and also to Providence teachers as a way to improve educational outcomes for city schools and urban communities. Nicole's love and passion for yoga shows up both in her daily practice and in every opportunity she gets to teach classes to new and curious students. She graduated from Breathing Time Yoga's Yoga Teacher Training in 2011.

Nicole Mathis instructs the following:
  • Community Yoga by Donation
  • Community Yoga by donation is a low-cost class, making yoga accessible to everyone! Come join us. The suggested donation is $5 to $15 or what you can afford. No one turned away. Half of the proceeds from the class go to our Financial Aid Fund and support our low-income students and Seva volunteers in the Breathing Time Yoga Community.

    Community Yoga classes are of at a variety levels depending on the teacher's preference and the students who come. All students are welcome in these classes.

Breathing Time Yoga is a community where people are nourished physically and spiritually.

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We teach yoga as a path to equanimity and grace.

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