Fanny Rovere

Fanny really enjoys teaching, and it shows in her classes as a quiet, focused power. She does not perform. She does not seduce students into yoga. She humbly trusts that each student may be guided into their own yoga process.

She genuinely wants students to grow into their own yoga and she guides them with both cognitive and emotional intelligence, as well as a strong intuition and understanding of the body.

Fanny has been practicing yoga for 15 years. She has a 500 hour certification in Dharma Mittra yoga from the Grace School of Yoga, an approach to yoga that is focused on yoga as a path to self-realization. She teaches classes appropriate to the level of the students including long holds with some flow and includes pranayama, mantra and meditation.

Fanny Rovere instructs the following:
  • Yin Yoga and Meditation
  • Yin Yoga and Meditation helps you reduce stress, and to feel calm and centered. In this quiet Yin class, we will explore the profound energetic, emotional, and physical aspects of yoga through stillness and surrender. We will marry meditation and asana by holding postures for two to ten minutes each while cultivating mindfulness and practicing meditation.
    Although this class has a slow pace, the practice can be intense. This class is appropriate to all who have no current injuries. If you are working with a physical limitation, we recommend our beginners, restorative and therapeutic classes.

  • Meditations on Loving-Kindness
  • Loving-Kindness-Meditation is a tool to increase our capacity for love and compassion, for ourselves as well as for others.
    It teaches us to see beyond the illusion of being separate and leads us to a place where we see the interconnectedness of all things.

    This workshop starts by preparing body and mind through gentle stretches, pranayama (breathing exercises) and chanting. Together we will practice sending love and kindness to ourselves in a seated meditation practice.
    Gradually, we will extend the circle by sending love and kindness to other beings - to those we love, to those we hardly know and to those who appear as foes.
    Chairs and props will be available for those bodies that need to sit with support or to meditate in a reclined position.
    $20 Advanced Registration
    $25 Day-of-Event
    Members receive 25% off

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