What Is Personal Yoga?


Personal Yoga offers one-on-one attention to help you refine your yoga skills so you feel at ease in classes. Personal yoga can also help you develop a personal yoga practice, making yoga a part of your daily routine.

Personal yoga is custom tailored to you and is as individualized as you are unique.

Athletic Yoga

Personal Yoga adapts as you advance, constantly challenging your body and invigorating your spirit. “My sessions with Karen help me stay on track with my fitness goals by providing a great workout and encouraging healthy habits.” — Yoga student Kim

Restorative Yoga

Your personal stress-reducing yoga practice offers a daily refuge and helps to protect against burnout. “I have a lot of professional responsibility. Time is always an issue.” — Yoga student Ritvars

Spiritual Yoga

Personal Yoga can integrate personally meaningful ritual and spiritual elements. “Many of us have become disconnected from our religious heritage. That doesn’t mean we have to give up on our spirituality.” — Karen Lee, Breathing Time Yoga studio owner

How Does Personal Yoga Work?

The full transformative potential of yoga cannot be experienced in a group class or with a series of yoga DVDs.

Personal Yoga differs because it inspires transformation. “If it doesn’t take you from point A to point B, why do it?” say Karen Lee, Breathing Time Yoga studio owner.

Breathing Time’s personal yoga instructors will help you develop your individual strengths while building confidence in your physical abilities. You’ll experience transformation because …

  • The practice meets your unique needs, personality, and goals.
  • You will establish a regular, personalized yoga practice with appropriate materials to guide you.
  • It offers the structure, guidance, and attention you need to get you going with your transformation.
  • Each session builds upon the last, and upon your home yoga practice, creating a dynamic personal blueprint for wellbeing.


Getting Started

To set up an appointment and begin your personal transformation, or to learn more about Personal Yoga at Breathing Time Yoga, complete the Personal Yoga form below. You may also call the studio at (401) 722-9876 or send an email to info@breathingtimeyoga.com to discuss your needs.



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