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Yoga practice is a path to mindful pregnancy and parenting. Breathing Time Yoga offers comprehensive support for the transitions of pregnancy and early parenthood.


Prenatal Yoga helps expecting moms ease through pregnancy with practices that are specifically designed to reduce common aches and pains, prepare for a better birth, and build connection to your growing baby. Our yoga moms especially enjoy participating in a community of other expecting mothers on their journey through pregnancy.


Childbirth Education classes blend modern birth education and yogic mindfulness and practices to help expecting parent(s) build confidence and gain valuable birthing skills. Understand the process of birth, learn coping skills, write your “birth plan,” and get valuable tools to help you navigate the experience of birth and early parenthood.


img-PregnancyYogaMom and Baby Yoga series help you to find balance in your new parenthood (moms and dads welcome). Baby care is hard work. Strengthen, stretch, and breathe as you bond with your baby. Learn fun play songs and simple baby massage techniques to relax your little one.

Pelvic Floor Workshops are one day educational immersions for women. More than just “kegels,” learn the intimate anatomy of the pelvic floor and practice exercises to help build strength and resiliency in the muscles. Ideal for toning and stretching before or after birth.


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Breathing Time Yoga is a community where people are nourished physically and spiritually.

We offer yoga as affordable health care, with a diversity of classes for a diversity of individuals.

We teach yoga as a path to equanimity and grace.

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