Karen Lee

Can Yoga Change Your Life?

Yoga saved my life. My life needed saving. Read More

Liz Maynard

On Metamorphosis

What if, when they arose, we didn’t recoil in horror or reject these feelings? What if instead we simply offered a kind hello, and let them be what they were for as long as they needed? Read More

Karen Lee

Gentle Force

It seems in the times I need yoga most, I avoid it. I let myself stay in bed too long, I tell myself I’ll get there late (and I probably will for those who know me), I tell myself I’ll start tomorrow. As humans, we are filled with ready to go amo that can excuse our “bad” behavior. Knowing sometimes things just happen when you simply show up, I did just that.

Read more

Karen Lee

Start Where You Are

This simple concept – start where you are – is the yogic foundation for healing. Yoga is a path that can lead us from one state to another; it can transform us. This is not a passive process. This journey of transformation occurs through our own actions. For most of us, this journey is a step-by-step process, one foot in front of the other. Read More

Karen Lee

Too busy to cook? Curried Butternut Squash Soup

It may or may not come as a surprise to you, but I’m usually too busy to cook on a regular basis. Running a yoga studio is much like running any business, except that I get to work in comfortable clothes, and go barefoot and take a yoga break in the afternoon. Not having enough time to cook on a regular basis is a deplorable state of affairs that I’d bet many people find themselves in. It’s not healthy to neglect this basic part of self and family care, so I decided that while I “have the time” I’ll try cooking a bit more. Home-cooked whole foods are way more nourishing and may have healing properties that processed foods do not. Read More


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