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As part of our Financial Aid program, and as part of a deeper immersion into yoga, Breathing Time Yoga welcomes dedicated students interested in seva (selfless service) for a variety of jobs at the studio and in the community.


Seva is the yoga of selfless service and is personified by Hanuman, the monkey god. Seva is the practice of mindfulness and presence while doing day-to-day work as a service to others.


We are looking for reliable, enthusiastic and dedicated students who are interested in giving to our community in exchange for classes. Dependability is key. Your support role helps Breathing Time to be the special community it is. We are asking you to apply only if your life has space for a 100% commitment for an initial three-month period.


If you would like to be considered for this program, we ask that you complete an application.


You then will be invited to 2 training sessions. We begin with the basic maintenance of the studio, since it takes a great deal of care and love to make the studio a sanctuary for people to practice in. We are proud to be one of the cleanest, most beautiful studios in Rhode Island. After we have oriented you to the “how to” of cleaning the studio, you will be asked to clean one of the studios, so you can see if being detail-oriented is something you can help with.

Seva Breathing Time Yoga

Seva is the yoga of selfless service,
and is personified by Hanuman,
the monkey god.



Then, a second training session will emphasize welcoming and orienting new students; maintaining the organization of the studio; assisting the front desk and a variety of other tasks and forms of service. After your orientation you will complete a shift of assisting in reception so you can see if greeting people and staying calm and focused during the sometimes hectic check-in process is something you feel comfortable with.


A third trial session of a shift of either cleaning or reception assistance will give you an opportunity to see what it is like to do this on an ongoing basis. If it turns out that you and the work are a good fit, you may begin your Seva Program. If the work is not a good fit, we do have other Seva Program jobs that we can explore together, as long as you still wish to be considered for Seva.


When we have found the right Seva position for you and for the studio, you may officially begin your Seva Program. For each 90-minute shift you work, you may participate in one yoga class. We ask that you take your yoga classes weekly, so that you can immerse yourself in both yoga as service and yoga as mind-body practice.


If you are ready to start, please fill out our Seva Application.


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