The Viniyoga Approach to Yoga

is an approach to yoga instruction that helps each student start where they are and work towards their goals.


Breathing Time Yoga offers classes in the spirit of this intention: we are not cookie cutter people. We are each individually unique. Everybody can find a starting point in yoga, regardless of age, gender, race, degree of flexibility and/or strength, personal beliefs, or health conditions.


Though not all our classes are taught in the Viniyoga style, our studio philosophy that guides the classes we offer is simple: yoga ought to serve the student, not the other way around. Students learn best when they start where they are. Our classes are designed to adapt to the needs of the individual. Therefore Breathing Time Yoga offers classes at a variety of levels, from all-levels to beginners, to gentle, restorative and yin.

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What is Viniyoga?

The Viniyoga method of yoga is based on the deep relationship between breath and movement. It’s a way to experience yoga from the inside out and provides a sound approach to practicing yoga poses (āsana).

The deep, slow and rhythmic breath that you will master with Viniyoga naturally creates a calm and focused mind and reduces stress. Your Viniyoga teacher incorporates safe and effective yoga sequencing and adapts poses to suit your individual needs. Viniyoga classes may at times include seated breath awareness (pranayāma), meditation and other yoga techniques.


Repetition and stay: Using the breath as the source of your yoga movements, you’ll move in and out of poses before holding them. This helps warm up your muscles and increases flexibility and strength.


Function over form: There is no such thing as the perfect way to do a yoga pose. But there is a perfect way for you to achieve the posture to attain the optimal benefit appropriate to your body. Your yoga teacher will help you find it.


Adaptation: Breathing Time Yoga offers many adaptations to do individual yoga poses to create specific effects - in one case adapted to increase stretch, in another case to increase strength, and in yet another to calm or focus the mind.


Art and science of sequencing: Viniyoga teachers create sequences for their classes that create a specific and coherent effect. Even though you may not recognize the sequence, you’ll feel the effect of safely bringing you to the peak of your yoga practice and returning you to a relaxed state of ease by the end of class.




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