Why do yoga?


The Basics

What are the benefits of yoga?
What most people notice about yoga is that it is relaxing and revitalizing. People also find that they become more limber, and stronger. Most importantly they experience a development of mental focus and inner peace.


What is the open secret?
The power to change is in your hands. Yoga is a tool of personal transformation. The key to transformation is awareness. Compassionate witnessing is a foundation concept in yoga. The starting point is here and now. The direction is up to you. The method is to take an achievable step and see what happens.


What is Yoga?
Yoga is an ancient science of the mind. Through the breath we find out that the body and mind aren't separate after all. In yoga, we learn to be mindfully attentive to the body, which is a form of meditation. That is what makes yoga so relaxing. In Viniyoga, we particularly learn to watch the breath and consciously breathe, bring about a sense of vitality and integration.



Yoga for a Healthy, Happy Life


At Breathing Time Yoga we believe that asana (postures) and pranayama (breath) should serve your needs and goals. Yoga can support our responsibilities, help us develop physically, offer therapeutic relief, and spiritual connection.


Yoga to Help You in Everyday Life
It’s likely that you have responsibilities, jobs, family, and social roles. Yoga supports you by helping to maintain the stability you need to fulfill those responsibilities. The practices help you feel good by giving you energy and presence. It's not about going to extremes. It's about finding the productive place in the middle where we put in enough effort, but not too much.


Yoga for Strength and Flexibility
You may be an athlete, or have fitness goals. Yoga adapted for fitness will build both strength and flexibility at the same time it offers an aerobic workout. With a mindful approach to practice yoga will lend focus to the mind, which in competition, is the winning edge.


Therapeutic Yoga
Yoga has a great potential as a tool for promoting healing. Physically, yoga can help reduce muscular aches and pains, improve mobility and breath capacity. Yoga can also be utilized to manage energy issues, such as insomnia, depression and anxiety. Finally, yoga can help access the healing power of the mind, by helping you reduce your identification with suffering and increase your connection to the miracle of being alive.


Yoga for Transformation
Many people find that yoga is a vital part of their spiritual lives. Because yoga brings the mind into focus, yoga practice can lead to a state of mind in which we have clear insights into the world we live in and ourselves. When these insights are guided by reflection on spiritual principles they can help us change in a positive direction.





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Breathing Time Yoga Classes



Breathing Time Yoga Classes



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