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Change Your Life.
Experience the Transformative Power of Yoga
Breathing Time Yoga is please to offer it's own 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Start date is in January 2018. Call (401) 722-9876 and ask for more information today.

Deepen Your Personal Practice
Experience the depth of the self-transformational science of yoga as revealed in the ancient Yoga Sutra-s of Patañjali by developing a personal practice. Personal practice is the beginning of the path of the yogi, and a pre-requisite for teaching others from a sincere and heart felt place.
Authentic Teachings from an Honored Lineage Breathing Time Yoga offers a program based on the Krishnamacharya/Desikachar lineage of Viniyoga. Viniyoga is based on the principle that the yoga should be adapted to the student, as each student is unique in both their starting point and goals. In other words this is not cookie-cutter yoga. This is yoga that addresses each student exactly where they are with practices that will take them in the direction they wish to go.
Comprehensive Training
Learn first how to move from your breath as you study the biomechanics of asana; how to adapt asana to your unique physical structure and needs; and observe how asana is adapted to the differing needs of your fellow students.  We all are unique!  Beyond asana you will learn the foundational techniques of inner yoga to build an integrated practice including pranayama, meditation, the use of sound, visualizations and ritual.
For those who wish to learn how to teach, the program will offer you progressive steps towards that goal, culminating in practicum teaching experience.  Some students may prefer to take the program for self-development only so we offer a reduced tuition program when the teaching modules are omitted.
Methodology of the Program 
Your educational experience will be one of learning through interactive lectures with visual aides, guided experiences, small group interactions and yoga classes. You will find the experience easy to digest and integrate, bringing you to a deeper and broader understanding of yoga at many levels. The program is spread out over 6 months, with two weekends per month allowing time to integrate the the content of each weekend.
  • Friday evenings 6:00 - 8:30 p.m. Friday Evenings will be devoted to reviewing the lessons from the previous session as well as previewing the upcoming weekend. There will also be time to do community building practices to develop our experience of sangha (community) as we travel through this training together.
  • Saturdays & Sundays 8:00 am — 5:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday mornings start with a yoga asana class. After a short break we will delve into studying the topic of the morning with lecture, Q&A, and experiential exercises. A ninety minute lunch break will allow for rest and physical and mental digestion. Afternoon will mirror the morning schedule.
Your Teachers
The program teachers have decades of experience practicing and teaching yoga. 
  • Karen Lee: Program Director
  • Katie Lieberman: Lead teacher
  • Mimi Budnick: Teacher
  • Others: TBA
  • $500 deposit to reserve your spot. Space is limited to 20 participants
  • Full tuition $2900, the $500 deposit counts towards the full tuition
  • Tuition without teaching modules $2400, the $500 deposit counts toward tuition
  • Paid in advance discount of $100 by December 1st.
  • Payment plan available by request.
  • Program assistant position available for 50% discount.

Reserve your space now with a $500 deposit, or payment in full.

Call us at 401-722-9876 or email to reserve your place.

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